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The Decision Research Group conducts research and student training on issues related to emergency management and crisis response.


Hurricane Impact Study
Estudio de Impacto de Huracán

Research focused on understanding the experiences of the public and first responders during and after disasters.


Hurricane Impact Study

Research focused on understanding the experiences of the public and first responders during and after disasters.


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Our Students & Post-Docs

We train students in a variety of disciplines in quest to provide quality interdisciplinary research experiences. The disciplines include:  communication, economics, public relations, psychology, computer science, and sociology.


A-Team Students and Scholars conduct research within two thematic areas of research and training.

Interdisciplinary scientific research for building resilient communities against weather extremes

To meet the emergent need to translate forecast and other severe weather data into impact based decision support products the SBEC team will continue to conduct research and train students in the areas of risk and decision-making.   This will involve the continuation of research projects that are designed to acquaint students with the skills necessary to measure risk perception and response of citizens, weather forecasters, and first responders to both long and short-term weather related hazards.   Some of the projects include the use of qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques used to examine risk perceptions, risk aversion, and behavioral responses of citizens to weather hazards.  This research has involved the collection of data from diverse populations

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In an effort to meet the increased need to effectively communicate climate and severe weather risks to communities, the SBEC team conducts research and training on issues that are germane to this mission.  The team actively engages in research and training in risk communication and economic and community resiliency.  This category of activities includes social science research, media studies, public relations technical assistance, and community outreach work.  The SBEC team actively engages in research projects with NCAS-M students exploring a variety of topics under the risk communication and media studies domain, including media messaging, social media sources and resources, social media usage during severe weather events, and perceptions of media sources and optimal modes of communication. The focus will also be expanded to investigate mass media programming, social media, website and other texts related to expanding children’s knowledge of weather and climate, which are critical spaces to investigate as many young children find these as essential information sources outside of school curriculum.

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Research Partners

NCAS-M SBEC PIs and students collaborate with scholars at a variety of institutions including NOAA Labs, universities, and government agencies.  Included below are some of our partners.

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Federal Reserve

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Market Analysis

NWS Offices

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