A Bit About US

The A-Team is lead by Terri Adams, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology & Criminology and Deputy Director of the NOAA Cooperative Science Center for Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology. The team is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students, post-docs, who are currently at Howard University or who have had an affiliation with the university.  We are commitetean She is also the lead investigator of the decision-support team for the “Building Extreme Weather Resiliency Through Improved Weather and Climate Prediction and Public Response Strategies” project supported by the National Foundation’s Partnerships in International Research and Education Program.

Dr. Adams research takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining issues that have both theoretical and practical implications. Her specific research interests include emergency management, policing, gender studies, and the impact of trauma and disasters on individuals and organizations.  Her work centers on the decision-making processes of both individuals and organizations in the face of natural disasters.  Dr. Adams’ most recent publication Policing During in Natural Disasters:  Stress, Resilience, and the Challenges of Emergency Managementtakes a critical review of the challenges faced by first responders before, during, and after natural disasters.  


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