A-Team Research

The A-Team's research is interdisciplinary in nature.  are interconnected with the overarching research and training themes of NCAS-M.  The three major prongs of research and training of SBEC are:  risk and decision-making, community resilience, economic impacts, and risk communication.  Each of these three core areas of foci connects with one or more of the NCAS-M research and training themes.

To meet the emergent need to translate forecast and other severe weather data into impact based decision support products the SBEC team conducts research and train students in the areas of risk and decision-making.

SBEC team members are engaged in research and training of students on issues related to economic productivity and the sustainability of businesses after a disaster.

Risk Communication

The SBEC team actively engages in research and training in risk communication and economic and community resiliency.  This category of activities includes social science research, media studies, public relations technical assistance, and community outreach work.

SBEC provides strategic communications technical assistance to NOAA offices through CapComm Lab, which is a Capstone course at Howard University School of Communications where students gain practical experience by planning, developing, implementing and evaluating strategic communications campaigns for for-profit, nonprofit and government entities.


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